Lake and River Management Plans

Lake and river management planning helps citizen leaders engage all community stakeholders in setting long-term goals and action plans for the benefit of their lake or stream.

Now, Minnesota Waters and the Initiative Foundation have partnered to offer Lake and River Management Plan training to citizen-led groups throughout Minnesota. This program, which is based on the very successful, proven “Healthy Lakes and Rivers Partnership” program offered by the Initiative Foundation in Little Falls, can help you take your advocacy to the next level.

With this advanced level training program, citizen leaders gain the tools needed to develop and act on their own lake or river management plans.

What is Lake and River Management Plan training?
Over two training sessions, your advocacy group will learn how to develop a locally shared vision and plan, how to set measurable goals and action plans and how to report on your progress and outcomes.

Your group will receive the training, technical assistance and ongoing support to:

  • Boost the leadership skills of key lake/river association members;
  • Provide a forum for community stakeholders to plan for the future of their watershed;
  • Protect natural resource systems, including the water quality of the lake and associated fish, vegetative and wildlife communities;
  • Encourage alliances among concerned citizens, including shoreline property owners, watershed residents, resource management agencies and special interest groups;
  • Identify roles and responsibilities of various agencies, nonprofit organizations, and other sources of technical assistance or support;
  • Clarify where local citizens can have the greatest impact; and
  • Present specific work plans for priority areas including action steps, timelines, coordination of responsibility, anticipated budget and evaluation criteria.