Resources for Building and Sustaining Effective Groups

These books, web sites and links compiled by Minnesota Waters staff are full of information on topics about how to build or sustain an effective citizen-led organization.
To view and download these resources, publications and links, visit the Resources/Building Effective Groups page in the Star Member Section of our website.

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Forming a Citizen-led Lake, Stream or Watershed Association

  • Forming a Lake and River Group Guidebook by Minnesota Waters
  • Becoming a Non-Profit Organization by Minnesota Waters
  • Does our Lake or River Group Need Insurance by Minnesota Waters
  • How to Start a Nonprofit from Minnesota Council of Non-Profits
  • Mission and Values from Minnesota Council of Non-Profits
  • State and LGU Water Missions and Activities by Minnesota Waters
  • Robert's Rules Of Order Newly Revised In Brief, by Henry Robert III (Da Capo Press, 2004). ISBN-10: 0306813548
  • How to Make Meetings Work! from Michael Doyle and David Straus (Jove, 1986). ISBN-10: 0515090484
  • Lake Improvement Districts from Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Division of Waters
  • Lake Improvement District Questions and Answers from Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Division of Waters
  • Lake Improvement District Program Report by Kaitlin Steiger-Meister and Dennis R. Becker
Program Planning
  • Program Planning Guidebook by Minnesota Waters
  • Basic Guide to Program Evaluation (Free Management Library, June 2009).
  • COOL and Idealist Civic Engagement Curriculum, “Setting Objectives,” (Idealist on Campus, November 2009).
  • Designing and Managing Programs: An Effectiveness-Based Approach 2nd Edition,Peter Kettner et al. (Sage Publications, 1999).
  • Field Guide to Nonprofit Program Design, Marketing and Evaluation, Carter McNamara (Authenticity Consulting, 2003).
  • “Measuring Success and Making Change with Evaluation,” Reid Zimmerman (Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, November 2009).
  • “Planning Special Events: Blueprint For Success,” Debora Meskauskas (Friends & Foundations of California Libraries, November 2009).
  • “Problem Solving and Decision Making: Defining and Gathering,” Joe Landsberger (Study Guides and Strategies, November 2009).
Community Visioning and Action Planning
  • Visioning Session Agenda
  • Visioning Session Worksheet

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Effective Communications 101
  • Action Media
  • Communicating Effectively Guidebook
Engaging New Members and Promoting New Leaders
  • Member Development
  • Engaging New Members and Leaders
Raising Money to Get the Job Done
  • Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence and People to People Fundraising
  • Fundraising Essentials
  • Fundraising for Small Groups Newsletter