Aquatic Invasive Species

DNR Invasive Species Program - Prevention Update

The following is an update from the DNR Invasive Species Program.  The update outlines AIS prevention activities.  Read the report in its entirety and the proposed plan for prevention grants for 2012.

December 20, 2012


More than a year ago, many of you began meeting with us as a stakeholder group to discuss new ideas for AIS prevention in the state. Your involvement led to recommendations to the Legislature last winter. Those recommendations led to new legislation being passed. That new legislation was landmark in terms of new authorities and responsibilities. We all view this as a significant step forward, but not the end in addressing AIS prevention needs in the state.

We have made a lot of progress this past summer and fall and want to share with you some of the highlights and proposed efforts for 2012. For prevention our focus is on two main fronts:

1) incorporating and implementing the new laws into program activities and 2) evaluating and planning for future program direction and legislation. You have been instrumental in providing input into both of these areas.

The next phase of AIS prevention in partnership with stakeholders will begin at the annual DNR Roundtable Meetings on January 6th. We also plan to keep stakeholders involved by providing information on upcoming AIS prevention activities and providing opportunity for comments on those activities. There are two opportunities for you to provide input which are highlighted in this update, on proposed prevention grants for 2012 and draft BMP’s for water accesses.

Minnesota Waters Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Prevention Position and 2012 Work Plan

Minnesota Waters has received a groundswell of support for strong AIS advocacy and actions, which are helping guide program development for Minnesota Waters 2.0. Based on Minnesota Waters' 2009 Position Paper, "AIS in Minnesota's Waters - An Aquademic", Minnesota Waters' 2011 position statement outlines the key statewide strategies needed for an effective AIS prevention system across Minnesota. The position statement explains that Minnesota Waters believes:

  • Every watercraft and piece of equipment leaving a known infested water body must be decontaminated.
  • Every out-of-state watercraft entering Minnesota should be decontaminated before launching on any Minnesota lake or stream.
  • AIS enforcement is a critical element of the AIS protection system and must be expanded.
  • AIS inspections must be expanded.
  • A sustainable, adequate funding source must be created to support statewide AIS prevention.
  • The above programs must be private enterprise-friendly and state endorsed.

View the Minnesota Waters AIS position statement, 2012 work plan, and what you can do to support the effort. 

Minnesota Waters Aquatic Invasive Species Action Plan
Minnesota Waters has developed an action plan to combat the spread, manage infestations, and increase public awareness of AIS, in 2010-2011.

Minnesota Waters AIS Position Paper 
Minnesota Waters’ Board AIS Task Team developed Aquatic Invasive Species in Minnesota’s Waters – An Aquademic, our position paper and recommendations identifying key themes on these serious threats posed by AIS.

To view more resources, information and news on Aquatic Invasive Species, visit the AIS page in the Star Member Section of the Minnesota Waters website.