What We Do

Minnesota  Waters programs support citizen volunteers like you who are passionate about  protecting Minnesota‚Äôs water resources. We provide the training, connections  and support to help you build grassroots networks of local and regional lake,  river and watershed associations to collect and use data for effective water  policy advocacy.

We provide many opportunities for interactive volunteer training with our staff and  other experts to teach skills for hands-on water monitoring activities, to  create more effective community-based organizations, and to make connections  with like minded groups throughout the state to strengthen our efforts by  working together.

TrainingConnectionsSupportIssue Advocacy
Water Quality Monitoring WorkshopsBiannual Lakes and Rivers ConferenceFunding ResourcesDNR Shoreland Rules Revision
Building and Sustaining Effective Citizen GroupsRegional Citizen SummitsWater Quality Monitoring ResourcesAquatic Invasive Species
Influencing Public PolicyLegislative ForumsBuilding Effective Groups ResourcesClean Water Legacy Funds
Lake and River Management PlansCOLA/LARA Group PresentationsHealthy Shorelands Resources
Aquatic Invasive Species Training RiverNightAwards 


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