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Any organized Hubbard County Lake Association whose primary purpose is to protect and improve their lake environments are eligible for membership to COLA, paying their annual dues, or stating their intention to do so by November 1 of the current year and certifying to the COLA Secretary, the name of an official representative to the board and an alternate.

If any lake association has in its membership, property owners on more than one lake, it shall have the option to have one representative from each lake and its written certification to COLA shall name a representative and alternate for each lake if this option is elected.

Individuals not representing an organized Hubbard County lake association may join COLA by paying an initial fee of twenty-five dollars.  These members shall be known as sustaining members.  A sustaining member may attend all meetings and enter into all discussions at meetings, will receive all correspondence sent by COLA to regular members, but will not have voting rights.  There shall be no absentee voting unless approved in advance by the Board of Directors for specific issues.