Lakes & Streams Stewardship







 Shoreline Restoration Grant 




The Hubbard County SWCD & and we at COLA are participating in a grant application through the Clean Water Legacy Grant Program.  We are looking for potential property owners that may be interested in a shoreline restoration project for their lakeshore property.  Click on the following link for more information:   RESTORATION PROJECT

If you have any interest in participating in a restoration project, please contact President Dan Kittleson or Shane Foley.



Preserving and Enhancing 



How To Win Land Development Issues:  A Citizen Guide to Preserving

& Enhancing Quality of Life In Developing Areas


The types of land development activity addressed in this book include highways, shopping centers, housing projects, golf courses, marinas, superstores, landfills, mining, and a host of other activities which may harm the environment or neighborhood quality of life.  Suggestions are also provided for going beyond a specific development sit and winning the adoption of Smart Growth principles throughout a town, city or county. Download the book at:






Conservation Easement Book Published

In Reinventing Conservation Easements: A Critical Examination and Ideas for Reform, author Jeff Pidot asks the questions, "Are the increasing numbers of unsupervised land trusts and conservation easements throughout the nation good for our (and their) future? What kinds of reforms should be considered to create a greater level of confidence in this popular conservation instrument?"  The underlying premise is that conservation easements should be evaluated and governed in the context of conservation-easement time, which is not the present but the long-term future.  Otherwise, we may simply leave to future generations a legal chaos involving many thousands of conservation easements whose terms, holders and locations may be difficult to determine, and whose public benefits ultimately could be lost. 

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