Welcome to FLARA

In 1971, a group of concerned and interested lake homeowners created the Fish Lake Area Residents Association (known as "FLARA"). After its creation, the group formed a Board of Directors and elected a President. 

As outlined in the BY-LAWS, the purpose of FLARA is to advance the civic betterment and general welfare of Fish Lake, to create the spirit of goodwill and friendliness between the lake homeowners and the local community, and to preserve the vitality and environmental health of this beautiful lake.

Since its creation, FLARA has been instrumental in communicating with local and State regulatory agencies, essentially giving the lake and its homeowners a "voice" to be heard. FLARA provides education on how and why to keep the lake clean, acts as a liaison with Fish Lake Regional Park (recently renamed "Three Rivers"), provides information on the Park to its members, is instrumental in keeping the number of watercraft that enter via the public landing to a safe and responsible number (currently 12 at a time), and assists the City in recognizing the periodic need to service storm-drains to the lake. FLARA is proactive in sounding its member concerns to the Department of Natural Resources, local law enforcement, the Hennepin County Park System, and the Lake Quality Commission (a 12-member committee reporting to the City Council).

Significance of the FLARA Website  

The FLARA President, and Board of Directors wanted to develop this web site to serve as a means to communicate with both its members and prospective members on issues which affect the health and vitality of life on Fish Lake.

This web site will provide useful links and information about our lake. It will also provide the opportunity to e-mail our web site correspondent about questions or concerns to be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors - see our "Contact Us" page. Our correspondent will then communicate with other Board members and, hopefully, you will receive a helpful reply to your question (or be provided with another source that may have more useful information). Depending on the nature of your question, the issue may be addressed at our quarterly Board of Director's meeting and updated on this web site. 

It is our intent to update this web site and its links on a periodic basis, to include relevant Board of Director meeting summaries, notices of meetings and events, regulatory changes and developments, and other issues of concern to our life on this wonderful lake that we call home. It is the hope and goal of FLARA that this web site will foster an open line of communication with our members and also encourage those on and near Fish Lake to join FLARA. Please visit our "membership" page. 

Taking an active interest in Fish Lake is the only way we can proactively bring to light the issues which are important to those who live on and enjoy Fish Lake. Support your lake!