Red Bridge

The work has started on the Red Bridge replacement project.

The bridge has been removed and work was started on the supports for the new one.


The following reports are the results of the AIS boat inspections in 2013

Click on each one to view

AIS Watercraft Inspection Summary

2013 Season Summary

Fishhook Summary Details


The latest hydrolab report is available (doc)



Fish Hook Lake & River Association Mission Statement

The Fish Hook Lake & River Association shall be an advocate of the

environment of our lake/river systems.

We shall be a partner with other lake associations and agencies

which have an impact on water quality.

We shall act as an educator in community understanding

of the issues and goals of our association.

The objectives of our efforts are better water quality and property values for everyone.

As a group, we have a stronger voice than as separate individuals .


We have some new signs to use to promote our events.


To access use of the signs email:


Get a shirt with the logo at Wild Loon Outfitters

in downtown Park Rapids




Ice completely out in 2013  was May 12th

latest we have seen


Ice out in 2012 was March 26th

earliest ever that we know 


Association e-mail: