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DOW ID: #11-0250


8 miles east of Backus; 10 miles north of Pine River, on MN State Hwy 84

Township 139N; Range 29W; Sections 21, 22, 27, 28

N 46º 49' 46": W 94º 20' 59"



Elevation: 1325 feet msl

Area: 974 acres (DOW: 1044 acres)

Littoral area: 43% (424 acres)

Max depth: 62 ft

Median depth: 20 ft

Shore length: 7.4 miles

Volume: 21,287.2 acre-feet

Max fetch: 2.1 mi

Fetch orientation: NE

Shoal-water soils: 40% sand, 35% sandy muck, 15% rubble, 10% muck

+ occurrences of boulders, gravel, detritus, & silt

Max aquatic vegetation depth: 22 ft

Water quality: moderate hardwater; low fertility

Watershed Area: 8165 acres (12.8 sq mi)

Long-term CLMP mean transparency: 13.5 feet

Long-term mean Trophic State Index (S): 39.7

Long-term mean recorded lake level: 1324.73 feet msl

Long-term mean annual fluctuation: .78 feet

Highest recorded water level: 1326.1 feet msl, 6/14/43

Lowest recorded water level: 1323.25 feet msl, 9/4/04

Recorded range: 2.87 feet

Lake Ada fixed runout level (Ada dam): 1324.60 feet msl

According to a 2008 Fall Survey, Lake Ada has:

184 lakefront parcels

194 lakefront cabins/homes (first tier)

177 docks

295 boats/pontoons

68 canoes/kayaks/sailboats

26 jet skis


Frequently Asked ?'s

Do you have a question? Please send it to the webmaster.

How is the Association financed?

The Ada Lake Association is a Minnesota nonprofit corporation and a Federal 501(c) 3 tax-exempt environmental organization.

Operating funds are generated from annual dues of $10.00 per family, plus generous contributions by many association members. Annual $10.00 dues finance each member family's DockPosts plus any additional timely flyers. Dues also cover annual June meeting expenses and basic association operating costs. Professional affiliation dues, association projects, association insurance and annual member's business meeting & picnic expenses are dependent upon individual contributions.

Why is it the "Ada Lake Association" and not the "Lake Ada Association"?

It's Ada Lake Association because the official state name of the lake is Ada Lake, not Lake Ada. When the association was formed even the green sign on Hwy 84 read "Ada Lake."

Can I do open burning?

Burning of household waste has been illegal in Minnesota since 1969. Certain burners are approved by the DNR for the safe burning of brush and other vegetative material to help prevent uncontrolled fires. These burners are not intended for burning household waste. If garbage collection is available in the area (and it is available on Lake Ada) burning of trash is unlawful. Landowners are permitted to burn leaves, brush, limbs and other natural organic material, but should first obtain a burning permit from a local Fire Warden.

Where can I go to get my well water checked?

Well water can be tested for purity at either of two Brainerd locations: AW Research Labs, located at the Brainerd airport, or Aquacare Labs, on Hwy 371 north. Be sure to obtain a testing kit from the lab prior to drawing samples.

What kind of antifreeze should I put in my pipes?

Most people use RV / plumbing antifreeze for winterizing cabin plumbing. It is available at any hardware store. Do not use automotive type antifreeze.

Do I need a permit for my swim platform?

Yes. Swimming platforms must bear a permit number obtained by registering the platform with the Cass County Sheriff's Office. Swim platforms must also have reflectors on all sides.

Can the outflow level of the Lake Ada dam be adjusted? Who watches this?

The Lake Ada dam is a fixed-level dam, permanently set at 1324.60 ft msl. Dam level could be lowered, but not raised. The dam is the property of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, with maintenance and adjustment being the responsibilities of the Division of Waters.