Ada Reflections

Perhaps it's time that we all slowed down enough to absorb nature and take a good look around us, and of course bring our red boat out to play.

Photo (of her grandson) submitted by Kathy Chaplin




Floating on Little Ada

Sitting at the top of the water

Puffs of a breeze are moving you through

Cool air and warming sun

Trees of bright green crisp on a backdrop of blue

Lily pads with their stem-trails, like fireworks

continually displayed on the surface

A golden eagle passes close overhead

You feel-hear wings swooping through an arc

The high pitch cry does not fit the masterful bird

A beetle relocates himself on a heart shaped leaf

Bubbles rise from below and meet the air

A pair of sunfish swim into view - now looking up at you

A passing bass - with his racing stripe side - glides beneath

Man's improvements are not needed here. All is as it should be.

Tom Sorensen


Tom Sorensen