Healthy Shorelands Resources

To view and download these factsheets, resources and success stories, visit the Resources/Healthy Shorelands page in the Star Member Section of our website.

In an effort to help citizen leaders address shoreland management issues, Minnesota Waters has prepared a set of Healthy Shoreland factsheets, outlined citizen-led success stories for improved shoreland protection, and compiled a list of Healthy Shoreland resources. These resources were designed to empower citizens to act on, not just understand, the challenges of shoreland management. This project was made possible with funding from the McKnight Foundation.

Healthy Shoreland Factsheets

  • How to Create Rain Gardens
  • Lake Classifications
  • Lake Monitoring: General information about monitoring a lake
  • Septic Systems and Water Quality
  • Shoreland Management Questions
  • Stormwater Runoff
  • Vegetation Buffers: Protecting Our Shorelands and Waters

Citizen-led Shoreland Protection Success Stories

  • The Big Birch Lake Association: Citizens Buffer out Nutrient Pollutants
  • Flute Reed Partnership: People protecting the North Shore
  • Lake Hallett Association: A Story of Passion, Persistence, and Protection
  • Taking Care of the Cannon River
  • Today's Action for Tomorrow's Vision
  • Volunteers Use Technology and Kayaks to Clean Up Rivers

If you have a success story where citizens took action and improved aspects of your body of water, we are interested in your story. In particular, we are looking for success story topics such as: Water Quality, Invasive Species, Development Pressures, Shoreline Restoration, Wildlife Conservation, Local Government Issues/Regulations, and Public Education. Your article will be reviewed by staff and may be included in our online "Citizen Success Stories" directory within the Minnesota Waters website.

Additional Resources for Healthy Shorelands

  • General/Comprehensive Shoreland Management Resources
  • Management Resources
  • Laws and Regulation Resoures
  • Resources for Organizing Associations
  • Lakescaping and Vegetation Buffer Resources
  • Water Quality Monitoring Resources
  • Recreation, Invasive Species and Aquatic Life Resources
  • Erosion, Runoff, and Impervious Surface Resources
  • Household Product, Waters Conservation and Septic System Resources
  • Wetland, Farmland and Planning & Development Resources