Find a safe, inexpensive home for your group’s website!

Minnesota Waters can host your lake association or river group’s website for only $100 per year. Current membership is required.  Over 80 member groups already subscribe to this service, and their web sites range from one simple page of contact information and meeting dates, to many levels and pages of information, photos, archives and event data.  


  • Let your members find out the dates of your next meeting or event
  • Publish a couple of your association newsletters
  • Let other citizen-led groups find out what you’re doing
  • The “lake and river group” section is the most-often visited page on our website

Our user-friendly website development process is easy for those who are familiar with word processing and graphics software, but may prove limiting for web wizards who like to use high-end HTML programming.  Dick Lacher is happy to bring anyone up to speed fairly quickly if you change your web master.

Check out  Minnesota Waters’ hosted member websites by visiting and clicking on “Lake and River Groups.”

If you’re interested in subscribing to this service, or have further questions, please send an email to .