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Minnesota Waters has partnered with the MN Department of Natural Resources to provide mandatory Aquatic Invasive Species training for Lake Service Providers (those who, for hire, install or remove water-related equipment or structures from waters in the state of Minnesota). The new, mandatory, AIS training for Lake Service Providers will be held at various locations across the state. The seminars will provide all participants with DNR certification on best management practices to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.  

In 2011, the Legislature passed a number of new laws related to prevention and management of aquatic invasive species (AIS) that apply to boaters, property owners, service providers, bait dealers and others involved with the transportation of water-related equipment. 

Minnesota's invasive species laws (Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 84D) impose a variety of restrictions and a permit program pertaining to lake service providers to help prevent the spread of AIS between waters in the state. Under these new regulations, permits are required for service providers. Service providers will obtain a permit once the DNR receives a permit application, a $50 application fee, and proof that the service provider has successfully completed a DNR training course. 

Permitted Lake Service Providers