Mandatory! Lake Service Provider AIS Training & Permits

Minnesota Waters has partnered with the MN Department of Natural Resources to provide mandatory Aquatic Invasive Species training for Lake Service Providers. Multiple training sessions for the service provider business owner/permit holder are now scheduled around Minnesota. Service provider employees are required to complete an online training course. Training and permit information for service provider business owners and employees can be found on the DNR Website.


Citizens of Minnesota - Please Help Identify ALL of the Lake Service Providers in our State! 

You are part of the action plan! You can help make sure that your local businesses are trained and permitted before ice out of 2012 by taking a few simple steps to help spread the word.

Here's how:


  • Forward information about the LSP workshops to your local service provider and others in your community
  • Send us contact information for the Lake Service Provider you use or know about 
  • Post a notice in your lake or river association newsletter